chef jet modern asian kitchen Food

Chef Jet Modern Asian Kitchen

a pan-Asian “quick service” concept in Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. There are more than 14 “MAK” stations in collaboration with Compass Group N/A.

kuma snow cream Food

Kuma Snow Cream

As USA Today, CBS This Morning, Huffington Post and Nation’s Restaurant News have discovered, Kuma Snow Cream is the next evolution of frozen desserts. It’s lighter than ice cream, creamier than shaved ice, and more flavorful than frozen yogurt.

Kuma Snow Cream is a refreshingly cool dessert with a fluffy texture like fresh snow. Start by choosing your size: Ninja or Sumo. Then select one of Kuma’s original Snow Cream flavors including Mango, Snow, Strawberry, Taro, Green Tea, or choose from rotating seasonal flavors. Add your favorite toppings, from fresh fruit and nuts to your favorite candies and cookies, and don’t forget to add a delicious sauce for the perfect finishing touch.

Kuma Snow Cream lets you build your own dessert, but if you prefer, choose one of our chef inspired combos, creative flavor pairings for you to explore. Go to the Kuma Snow Cream menu. The first Kuma Snow Cream shop is located in the exciting Las Vegas Chinatown District on Spring Mountain Road. Kuma is open every day from 12 noon until midnight. We’d like to bring Kuma Snow Cream to your neighborhood soon. Kuma Snow Cream uses fresh, high-quality ingredients and a unique approach to creating a better, lighter frozen dessert, served with a smile in a bright, comfortable environment. Is Kuma Snow Cream the future of frozen desserts? Come taste it for yourself.