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    My Favorite Knives with Links

    Jet Tila's Favoriate Knives

    With overwhelming positive feedback and lots of questions about which knives I recommend. Here are my top 10 with links to purchase!

    Victorinox 8" Chefs Knife
    Victorinox 8″ Chefs Knife
    My favorite bang for your buck knife. Holds and edge, easy to sharpen and hone. It will last years. Other sites have different colors.

    Shun Classic 8" Chef's Knife
    Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife
    Great chef’s option for the $100.00 plus price point. Handle is comfortable for most. Look for other Shun lines but this classic will make most happy.

    Victorinox Serrated Slicers
    Victorinox Serrated Slicers
    Hands down my favorite for fruit, soft items and bread. Will work for most slicing jobs! My link will take you to many options. I like blades between 8.5-10 inches.

    Victorinox Paring Set
    Victorinox Paring Set
    Love this set! Straight, serrated and bird beak set will give you all you need in short knives.

    Houston Edgeworks Custom Knife
    Houston Edgeworks Custom Knife
    If you are wanting to splurge and go for it, a custom knife is the way to go. Choose your steel, handle material and colors. Stephen can also customize your sheath!

    Global 6.25 " Flexible Boning/Filet Knife
    Global 6.25″ Flexible Boning/Filet Knife
    I like the design and feel of Globals. Very modern and sleek but also feels good in smaller and medium hands. Not cheap. If you’re not cutting fish, then go for the non-flexible.

    Shun 9" Slicer
    Shun 9″ Slicer
    With all the knives that I own, I’ve always used this the most for almost every job. I favor a thin long blade and like how it can power slice but also is nimble and get between bones and fine places.

    Thai Kiwi Aluminum Knife Set
    Thai Kiwi Aluminum Knife Set
    These are the knives my grandmother and so many Thai cooks use. Not fancy also CHEAP! Two knives for less than $15.00 is amazing. Also great to practice sharpening with.

    Dexter-Russell 7" STAINLESS Cleaver
    Dexter-Russell 7″ Stainless Cleaver
    If you are breaking bones, you need a cleaver. All Dexter knives are proven and have been in commercial kitchens all over America.

    Kai 6" Deba
    Kai 6″ Deba
    Small/medium Japanese-style Cleaver, the Deba is a nice compact slicer and bone breaker. Perfect or fish cleaning and chicken work.

    Kyocera Ceramic Steel
    Kyocera Ceramic Steel
    I love this steel for daily honing. It’s my go-to.