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October 10, 2017
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Jet Tila's Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe

Jet Tila's Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe

Jet Tila's Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe

Spicy Tuna Roll

  By Chef Jet

October 17, 2017

Jet Tila's Spicy Tuna Roll Recipe


1Place the tuna, mayo and Sriracha in a clean food processor. Pulse until the Sriracha and mayo is uniformly mixed into the tuna, but still chunky.

2Use a small bowl of water with a 1/4 rice vinegar to keep your hands moist. This will keep rice from sticking to your hands. Lay a bamboo sushi rolling mat down with the long side lined up close your body on the board. Place one sheet of nori rough side up with the long side lined up with the edge of the mat.

3Grab about a loose tennis ball of rice, about 3/4 cups and spread the rice into a thin, even layer across the whole nori sheet leaving an uncovered 1/2” strip at the top. Rub a 1 tsp smear of wasabi lengthwise down the middle. Right over that smear, place 3 Tbsp of of spicy tuna, cucumber and sprinkle with with 1 tsp of sesame seeds. Don’t over stuff.

4Lift up the back edge of the mat, use the tips of your fingers to contain the filling and rice as you roll. Continue rolling the sushi by pulling forward on the folded-over edge of the bamboo mat, rolling over a little at a time until rolled over. Once the roll is sealed, place the roll on the board and snug it down with the mat.

5Moisten the edge of a sharp knife, slice the roll in half. Line up the two halves. Wipe your blade down with a damp towel and cut the two half rolls into three equal pieces. Serve with extra wasabi and soy sauce.


8 nori half sheets

6 cups (1500g) sushi rice

1 lb (500 g) sushi grade raw tuna, large dice

4 tbsp (60 g) mayonnaise

2-4 tbsp (30-60 g) Sriracha sauce, depending on desired heat level

1 hothouse cucumber, French fry cut to 4” long

1 tbsp (15 g) sesame seed

Wasabi and pickled ginger to garnish

Soy sauce to dip